Presentations, Pitches, and Public Speaking Courses

Presentation Strategies has a unique brand of coaching that combines journalism with the performance arts.

So whether you have 60 seconds for a pitch, 30 seconds for a media appearance, or 30 minutes for a formal presentation, you will have the presentation and communciation skills to be successful.

Two coaches work simultaneously with you on:


  • Improve your delivery
  • Get your body language and voice to work for you and not against you
  • Cope with fear
  • Look self-assured
  • Take control


  • Arrange and present your messages into clear, concise and convincing pitches or presentations
  • Stand out from the competition

In our public speaking courses, coaching and workshops you learn how to actually speak to the audience and influence them, and not just read to them from PowerPoint slides.

The presentation and communications skills and techniques you learn from Presentation Strategies are reliable tools for any target audience. You can immediately apply them to formal presentations, one-to-one meetings, group discussions, pitches, networking and media appearances. The techniques will serve you throughout your professional lives.

Presentation Strategies will help you to further your career and promote your business or organization.

Transform public speaking from a trial to a pleasure!

Do you prefer Group Workshops or Personal Executive Coaching in Communication Skills?